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Rescue Charlie's Friends pulls dogs from high-kill shelters and transports them to Maine.  Through our web site and others, many of the dogs are adopted before they even arrive even though they still have to spend five days in quarantine.  Dogs that have not yet been adopted need to be housed and cared for until they are adopted.  That is where the Foster comes in.

Fosters care for the dogs until they are adopted, usually within two weeks.  Rescue Charlie's Friends advertises the dogs for adoption, screens the applicants and coordinates with the Foster to turn the dog over to the new family.

Rescue Charlies Friends provides dog food, a leash and collar and pays for any veterinary expenses so that the Foster does not have to meet any of these expenses.

All of the people involved are unpaid volunteers.  The adoption fee charged offsets some but often not all of the transportation, veterinary and incidental expenses.   

 Rescue Charlie's Friends gladly accepts donations.

Thinking of becoming a Foster?

Thinking of Adopting?

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Rescue Charlie's Friends Dog Rescue

After fostering for several dog rescue organizations for about ten years,  in 2018 we  founded our own rescue organization  Rescue Charlie's Friends Dog Rescue .  It requires a major committment of time and it's a lot of work.  For us, it is a labor of love.  We love that Rescue Charlie's Friends gives dogs a second chance at a good life. 

All of the people at RCF are volunteers.  Like the Fosters, their only compensation is the knowledge that they are saving dogs from death or worse and placing them in homes where they will be cared for and loved.

Many of the rescued dogs are abandoned or without homes as a result of natural disasters, such as the hurricanes last year in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  Others are pulled from abusive homes by Animal Control Officers.  Still others are simply tossed out at the side of a road somewhere.  There are young dogs, old dogs and sometimes entire litters of puppies. 

Whatever the reason, the dogs arrive at high-kill shelters where, although the shelters do their best,  they can only house and care for a limited number of dogs. In many of these shelters, dogs are killed within 48 hours of arrival.

That is where Rescue Charlie's Friends comes in.  

We learn of the dogs about to be euthanized and arrange for volunteers to pull them from the shelters.  The dogs are taken to veterinarians where they receive emergency care and all required vaccinations.  Volunteers care for them until transportation can be arranged.   Rescue Charlie's Friends arranges for the dogs to be transported to Maine where they are quarantined for five days.

Fosters care for them until they are adopted.  Many are adopted before they even arrive in Maine. 

The day the transport arrives is always exciting.  Up to 15 or 20 puppies arrive all at once. They have been on the road for a while and they all need a bath, their medical records need to be reviewed, most need some preventative medications and they are all hungry.  The fun part is when we get to hand the dogs over to their adoptive families.  Between the wiggly dogs and the big smiles, it is clear that the dogs and the humans could not be happier.

Do you want to help?  Want to help wash dogs when they arrive?  Want to Foster dogs who arrive but have not yet been adopted?  Do you want to adopt a great dog?

Maybe you can help with a donation.  The fee charged for adopting a dog does not always cover all the veterinary and transportation expenses.  A dog in need of surgery or special medical care can run up a bill in the hundreds or thousands of dollars very quickly.  Paying the bills is always a struggle.  Any donation is very much appreciated.

To learn more about adopting, becoming a Foster Parent, making a donation or just helping out, please check out our website at Rescue Charlie's Friends


Puppies are a ton of fun! Check out the Puppy Race and the Puppy Palace Scrapbook too! 

Here are some of the puppies we fostered before starting RCF.



Olive and Scrumptious Waffle Lucky Cadence Josie

We had the two lab mix puppies below only a week before one was adopted and picked up by her new family.

They arrived from a shelter in Tennessee and we received them on July 10th, 2011.  Appley (on the left) is a female and she is the one adopted after only one week.  Her brother Rawley is on the right.  We renamed him "Charlie".

Appley    Rawley  Appley and Rawley 

 When a foster family adopts a dog themselves instead of letting someone else adopt it, it is said that they "failed".  With Charlie, we failed.  When it came time to let someone else take him home, we balked and decided to keep him.  He is a great dog.


Here is a short video of some Catahoula Puppies in a Back Yard Puppy Race 

We had these Catahoula puppies for a couple of weeks.Bailee - Foster Puppy

Baxter  Mercedes



Really cute puppies
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