Cool Pup Harness for Puppy Dogs - Keep 'em Cool

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Quick-release buckles

Fully adjustable for an easy fit

Nickel-plated D-ring for leash attachment

Protects dogs from overheating

Exchanges dog's body heat with coolness in harness

Removable, reusable cooling packs

Hot day?  Keep your best friend cool with our Cool Pup Harness!

Made with patent-pending Cool Pup technology.   Lightweight, heat-releasing SPF fabric with cooling packs inside stays cool for up to 6 hours!

Our Guardian Gear® Cool Pup™ Harness, with quick-release plastic buckles, is fully adjustable for an easy fit and includes a nickel-plated D-ring for leash attachment.  Perfect for dogs that may overheat in hot weather.  

Includes removable,  reusable Cooling packs  (number depends on the harness size).  In addition, the harness can be soaked in cool water and frozen to lock in a cool temperature.   The fabric is designed to exchange the dog's body heat with coolness in the Cool Pup harness.  

Available in blue only. 

Materials: 40% polyester mesh, 40% nylon ripstop fabric, 20% cooling gel

Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth. Line dry.

Sizing Guide: Harnesses are available in the following sizes: 

    X-Small      Harness fits chests 11"–13"  (neck width is 8")
    Small          Harness fits chests 12"–17" (neck width is 10")
    Medium       Harness fits chests 16"–22" (neck width is 13")
    Large          Harness fits chests 19"–26" (neck width is 15")
    X-Large      Harness fits chests 24"–32" (neck width is 16")
    XX-Large    Harness fits chests 26"–39" (neck width is 19")

Submerge the entire harness into cold water. Make sure the removable cooling packs are in place.
Wring out excess water and place in a freezer-ready plastic bag.
Place cooling harness and the bag in the freezer for about an hour.
Remove the harness from the freezer and the plastic bag, let warm up for 15 minutes then fasten around the dog.
Harness remains cool for up to 6 hours.
Remove harness from dog when it no longer is cool.
Repeat steps as necessesary